Have you ever thought Why we love to hear the sound of water?. one more – We always check whether our drinking water is clean or dirty. Do we ever check our water is GOOD or BAD? I mean to say Do we ever check our water is Healthy Water? Register your seat for DEMO +918452915717

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The answer to this question may a right or wrong, but still, I would like to explain What is Healthy Water?

I always thought about that healthy water is boiling water or mineral water which can be easily available in stores. But never thought about such a healthy water. My brother in law got this knowledge from his friend and he explained me about How Kangen water is healthy water?

One more question came to my mind – Why we love to hear the sound of water? Check the video below and listen to the sound of water. We really feel soothing or sleepy. The correct reason to this is still missing on Google, But I found below:

  • “A researcher at out institute studying the effects of mindfulness meditation said that rain and other natural water sounds had strong alpha waves, inducing alpha wave activity in the human brain (which are correlated to relaxed, meditative states).I have no published source for this, but maybe you can find something with this hint” source http://cogsci.stackexchange.com/users/3116/what
  • In measuring the frequencies that the ear is most responsive to, Fletcher and Munson discovered that people’s favorite sound of all is that of the human voice, which falls right within the ideal range of frequencies (300-3,000 Hertz) for our hearing. source http://www.care2.com/greenliving/6-sounds-humans-love-most.html

Well, we come back to our topic Healthy Water. How is Kangen Water Healthy Water? I understood the answer to the above question when I have gone through the one-hour presentation at my home. Kangen Water is drinking water which is generated from Enagic Machine known as Alkaline Water Ionizer. This is innovative water technology from Enagic, Japan.

If you like the attached video please share this with your friends and you ask them to join along with you for the presentation of Kangen Water – A Healthy Water.

Healthy Water

Drinking water is clean or dirty. Do we ever check our water is GOOD or BAD? Do we ever check our water is Healthy Water? Register your DEMO +918452915717

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